Personal 90 minute Diagnostic

What is your leadership SuperPower?

What is your specific point of difference?

What problem do you solve?

Move past your current blocks.

AUD $750

Lia's innovative approach is based on many years of robust psychology research, theory and practical experience, and have helped me formulate a clear strategy for success which is now rapidly manifesting. She is super smart, focused and a wonderful collaborator. The best investment I have made in a long time. 
Linda Summer, CEO, Sydney Australia

I had an important Board meeting to attend where I needed to influence the outcome of some key decisions. Lia assisted me to establish beliefs, standards and mindsets which enabled a far more effective communication approach. It worked. At the meeting I applied what I had worked through and felt heard by those present. The outcomes were better than I had wanted to achieve. Lia is a skilled coach, careful listener and guide to what gets in the way of what we are trying to do!

Mark Jones, COO, Sydney



Accelerate your Career & Leadership Impact

You work hard and want your work to matter, to make a positive difference in the world and yet you are not quite hitting the mark. Something is missing, and you are not sure what.

And you are sick and tired of churning out results and yet not getting those taps on the shoulder, perhaps running second for that promotion or not getting your idea or project funded.

Have you had enough of this? Is NOW your time to do something that's going to work! 

I know exactly how you feel. I was there some 5 years ago. I could not tolerate one more single day of the corporate grind to make that monthly pay cheque. I knew I had to learn some new skills and redirect my compass, and that was when I finally asked for professional help.

Just imagine what you will be doing, having and being once you are are leading with certainty, confidence, assertiveness, authority and expressing your full personal power. Imaging leading and creating that momentum that until now just has not come together for you long enough and often enough to make a real difference. And maybe you think you can figure this out on your own. Sure you can! But know this - it's so much faster working with a skilled professional coach and proven success systems and methodologies. Together we unlock the codes and patterns that make you tick and are unique to you, and co-create strategies that will work for you. 

I am passionate and committed to empowering leading women in Science and Technology to define and express their leadership brand and voice of authority. 

My promise, if we are a match, is to teach you how to accelerate your career and leadership impact and make your peak potential your reality.

Your net worth is defined by your self worth. 

Not where you thought you would be by now? Hit the wall and sick of false promises?

Fast Track Your Personal & Professional Development

Here are a few ways to get involved....Or we co-create a program specifically for you

Master Momentum

Inspire, Influence & Innovate 

6 month Creative Leadership Mastermind - Application Only

Accelerate your career and business performance. your Make peak performance your norm

Inspire & equip others to lead 

Online professional development programs 



Hear from these leaders who have already worked with me


Say Good-bye to Overwhelm

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Success InSight
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Say goodbye to Overwhelm and Procrastination

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Say goodbye to Overwhelm and Procrastination


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Confidence Builder

Interview Impact Preparation

Full Meta Dynamics Diagnostic

Gain confidence, authority expressing your unique leadership style & value

Ideal for graduates, med school interviews and emerging leaders going for that next promotion, or ambitious professionals sick of running second.

AUD $2,000

Say goodbye to Overwhelm and Procrastination

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Access Now

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Say goodbye to Overwhelm and Procrastination

Personalised creative Executive coaching & mentoring
Cognitive, Behavioural & EI Diagnostic Profiling
Proven systems to accelerate your career and leadership development 
Dynamic skills & tools to unleash your unique leadership impact


Who is Lia Zalums?

I am the founder and CEO of Success InSight, a boutique leadership performance coaching and consulting firm specialising in personal and professional transformation and leadership development. As a result of what I do, clients learn tangible skills and tools to achieve their desired outcomes faster. I use a unique combination of outcome-focused data-driven coaching strategies based on robust psychology research and 30 years of practical business experience. 

Our work together will accelerate your mindset growth to redefine and express your unique leadership identity and empower you to define success on your terms. Your business outcomes and well-being will transform and flourish as you rediscover what matters to you most, what you value and what makes your life and work meaningful. This is my promise to you. 

I have a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology and 30 years of sales and business development in complex technical markets. Health, wealth and meaningful contribution are core to my being. And I get what makes people tick. I ran my first New York marathon in 2016 and love adventure travel.

Listen here: How to overcome overwhelm and procrastination
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